St. Gregory Palamas Orthodox Church

Sunday Bulletin 


Sunday, June 6, 2021

Blind Man


Epistle: Acts 16:16-34 Gospel: John 9:1-38


Schedule of Services: 

Thursday, June 10th: Ascension Divine Liturgy at 10am.

Saturday, June 12th: Great Vespers at 5pm.

Sunday, June 13th, Divine Liturgy at 10am.  The Hours will begin at 9:40am.



-Happy birthday, Nellie!  God grant you many blessed years!

-We will continue collecting food for the Open Cupboard Food pantry. 

-If anyone is interested in baking, and did not attend the meeting last Sunday, please contact Mila.

-June 26th: Glen Gardner Garage Sale, where we will sell baked goods.

-If you have a child who is graduating this May or June, please let Bill Cordasco know.

-Thank you Michele for picking up the ingredients for our pierogi making.

-Thank you to all of you who helped this weekend to make pierogis.  God grant you many years!


Please pray for:  

Living: Helen Departed: John


Words for the Day:


So, being the portion of the Holy God, begin to do all that pertains to holiness, running away from evil words, unclean and shameful relations, drunkenness, passions and innovations, base lusts, defiled adulteries and overweening pride. For it is said: "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble" (I Pet. 5:5). So, let us unite ourselves to them to whom grace has been given by God. Let us put on oneness of mind, let us be humble, temperate, far from any cursing or evil speech, making ourselves righteous by deeds and not by words... Let our praise be from God, and not from ourselves. God hates those who praise themselves. Let the witness of our good deeds be given by others.
(St. Clement of Rome, Corinthians, 30)


Temptations come so that hidden passions may be revealed and so that it will be possible to fight them, and so that the soul may be rid of them. They are also a sign of God's mercy. So give yourself with trust into God's hands and ask his help, so that he will strengthen you in your struggle. God knows how much each one can bear and allows temptations according to the measure of our strength. Remember that after temptation comes spiritual joy, and that the Lord protects them that endure temptations and suffering for the sake of His love.

(St. Nektarius of Aegina, The Path to Happiness, 4)